scissors glued artwork


Glues and Adhesives

POLYGLUE is a fast-drying, tough glue. It will glue rigid foam, wood, paper, ceramics, decoupage, cloth, leather, shell, beading china and other porous materia

POLYGLUE is also used as a barrier coat for styrofoam items to be reinforced with fiberglass (e.g. coolers). Since polyester resin attacks styrofoam, a layer of POLYGLUE is painted and dried completely before laying up with resin and fiberglass. Similarly, thinned POLYGLUE is applied on certificates, letters, etc. prior to lamination.

Combined with water, POLYGLUE is also mixed with Plaster of Paris to produce a stronger figurine than the traditional plaster and water. When applied with fiberglass and elastomeric paint, POLYGLUE becomes a water-proofing agent.