Polytech Infrastructure Epoxy

A low viscosity multilayer epoxy resin for carbon fiber. It has high tensile and compressive strength, and excellent flexibility. It has excellent adhesive on wet surface, superior water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and solvent resistance.

Polytech Epoxy Primer

A non-solvent, low viscosity, epoxy primer resin developed for infrastructure, epoxy flooring, parking areas, factories, and hospitals. Applications include concrete columns, bridges, and beams.

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Epoxy Resin for Injection and Crack Reinforcement

Epoxy for Injection and Crack Reinforcement – is a transparent, light yellow, two-component adhesive system with 100% solids epoxy and a polyamide curing agent. This low viscosity epoxy is engineered specifically to reinforce cracks and improve structural integrity by forming a tough, adhesive, and corrosion-resistant bond. It can be applied by both low and high pressure injection to revitalize buildings, bridges, and other concrete structures.