vinylester resin

Vinylester Resin

Vinylester resin is a premium resin with improved reactivity and purity. It provides excellent corrosion resistance to a broad range of organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, oxidizing chemicals and salt solutions etc. It also provides very good mechanical strength such as tensile and flexural while incorporated with reinforcement such as glass fiber, carbon fiber or kevlar fiber etc. Vinylester Resin is designed to provide superior toughness with excellent fatigue resistance due to high heat distortion temperature.


  • Lower viscosity i.e. better fiber wet-put.
  • Less or no DMA is needed i.e. easier formulation and cost saving.
  • Lower casting color i.e. better see-through for bubble checking.
  • Lower exotherm i.e. less cracking, less cycles and quality improvement.
  • Longer shelf life i.e. better inventory control.


  • Chemical storage tanks, pipes, flue gas desulfurization systems (FGD), scrubbers, ducts.
  • Corrosion resistant flooring while incorporated with aggregates.
  • Waste water treatment systems.
  • Food storage tanks and pure water system.
  • Marine use for yachts and boats.
r10-33t chemical resistant resin


A high reactivity resin exhibiting outstanding chemical resistance. Used in laminated or molded parts requiring high degree of chemical resistance where general purpose othalic or isopthalic polyester foil.