Surpass Nano-Tech Wax

Surpass Floor Finish

  • Nano-Zinc Technology Floor Finishing
  • Superior Gloss and Durability
  • Rapid Sustained Gloss
  • Improved Recoat Time
  • Fast Cure Time
Polycrete water-based sealer

Polycrete Concrete Sealer

  • Superior Protection – Excellent resistance to water blushing
  • Super Adhesion – not easily affected by sun and rain
  • Eliminates concrete powdering and dusting
  • Single Component System – no mixing needed
  • Fast Drying – hardens to a durable coat
  • Water Based – Concrete Sealer – No VCC
  • Easy to Apply – mop or roller paint brush only
  • Chemical and Detergent Resistance
  • Low Water Absorption
  • Floor Surface is easy to clean

Hydrex Floor Sealer

  • Sealer impregnator for polished natural stone.
  • Protects against stain and moisture absorption.
  • Best for polished marble and granite.

COVERAGE: one liter good for 20 – 25 sq. m. on a single coat depending on stone porosity.