A lightweight material made up of Polypropylene that is used on core material mainly on Boat decks,wall panels, and it  is also used as stiffener. Available in 4 x 8 x 1/2 inch  and 4 x 8 x  1 inch.

white spider

Polyurethane Foam Block

A rigid foam used as a core material for cold process insulation, flat panel and is also used for pattern making because it is sandable.

p7-PU foam

carbon fiber mat


Used as a “sandwich” stiffening core material, Coremat is a nonwoven fabric that forms part of the finished product and will not de-laminate, unlike other core materials. Coremat also prevents “print-through” of fiberglass pattern in FRP products. Ideal for boat decks, bus and car bodies, shower stalls, bath tubs, tanks, refrigeration boxes.

Instead of building up layers of fiberglass to achieve desired thickness, a layer or two of Coremat will suffice. Since the coremat is already 2mm and 3mm thick, build up time and product cost is reduced compared to fiberglass layering.

Coremat provides stiffness and rigidity to the product and NOT strength. The Coremat part of the laminate does not bend as easily as the thinner, all-fiberglass part.

Coremat on the boat hull. This provides the necessary rigidity to the hull without adding unnecessary weight.