Resin and Fiberglass – FAQ

Q : How do I reduce the viscosity of RTV?
A : Add silicone oil, reminder the strenght of the RTV will be lessen the more you add silicone oil.
Q : How do I achieve a “Solid Clear Cast Block” without cracking?
A : Use less percentage of Imported Hardener and soak the product in a basin with water to control heat.
Q : How do I achieve a “Dome” on medals, name plates etc.?
A : Pour the mixture of Multiglaze A & B on top of the medal or name plate.
Q : How do I achieve the “Matte finish”?
A : *Sand the product*Brush on Flatte Kote
Q : How do I achieve the “wet look” on my resin items?
A : Brush or spray-on Polygloss A&B
Q : How do I make resin flame retardant?
A : We customize resin with Fire Retardant with minimum order of one pail.
Q : How do I prevent Resin from yellowing?
A : We customize resin with Ultra Violet Stabilizer
Q : How do i remove the stickiness of resin in the finished products?
A : *Use Tack Remover for figurines and other three-dimentional resin items. Wash the figurines in the tack remover bath.
*Use Wax Solution for fiberglass and other flat resin items. Mix the wax sol into the resin to create an air barrier.
Q : How do I reduce the smell of resin?
A : Use .5%-1% Suppress Sty per styrene weight to reduce styrene emision that creates the distinct resin color.
Q : What is Polyester Resin?
A : Polyester resin is a type of thermosetting plastic. With the proper combination of accelerators and catalysts, resin can be cured or hardened at room temperature or by heat. From its original liquid form, the resulting product retains a permanent configure