Gel Kote (31-441T)

The premium choice for “molded in colors Gel-Kote 31-441T is 100% Isopthalic Resin with Neo Pentyl Glycol (NPG) Giving higher chemical, impact and scratch resistance than other resins. Gel-Kote 31-441t is already stop-sag filled and is unpromoted. High gloss finishes are achieved more easily with Polymer Gel-Kotes. Available Colors White, Black, Red,Green, Blue, Yellow

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Pearlescent pigment

Achieves the “pearl-ized” look on products. Mix .5%-1% of the powder into Clear Gloss and Lacquer Flo then paint on the surface. May be mixed directly into the resin to make buttons, figurines, appliques, etc.

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Mixed into Clear Cast resin (32-037FGP) or Fast-gel resin (R10-60), these transparent colors are fundamental in creating brilliant stained glass, figurines, and ornaments. Choose from different color dyes. Use up to 1% by resin weight.