petroleum jelly

Petroleum Jelly

Acts as a release agent for RTB and original piece. Brush on original product and polish before pouring RTV. Tes, may also be used on chapped lips, burns and wounds.

wax mold cleaning equipment phlippines2

AXEL Clean Wiz 9

Heavy duty solvent system for cleaning/ stripping the mold. Removes resin residue such as: epoxy, phenolics, polyesters, polyurethane as well as grease and waxes.


A liquid polymeric emulsion-based polishing compound which is used to polish different surfaces: FRP products, polyester clear cast items, synthetic granite, painted metal and chrome surfaces.

axel all purpose glue


Liquid external release agent that dries at room temperature forming a mono-molecular film which adheres to the mold surface and has no affinity for the molded resin.

AXEL Paste Wiz

Paste external release wax. Apply 3-5 coats successively while still wet. Hand buff while still wet.