p17 hardener best all purpose glue

Polymer Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide (MEKP)

The most popular type of hardener because of its economy and ease of use. Mix thoroughly into pre-mixed resin 1-3% by resin weight.

Imported MEKP

Higher concentrate, waterless type of MEKP. Use .5%-2% by resin weight.

cobalt accelerator


6% Cobalt Octoate

Purple-colored accelerator will show user if it has been properly mixed into the resin. Use .2%-.5% per resin weight.

Di-Methyl Aniline  (DMA)

Used in combination with BPO plus external heat (e.g. oven). Use only .1%-.2% by resin weight.

styrene cleaning suppplies philippines 1

Styrene Monomer

The only auxiliary that reduces resin without negatively affecting the product. Use up to 15% by resin weight for non premixed resins and 10% for pre-mixed resins.NOTE: Adding too much styrene will make the product brittle and also results in excessive shrinkage and warping!

Suppres Sty

Reduces styrene emission in the workplace by up to 70%. Makes handling styrene more comfortable and increases productivity. Use up to 1% per styrene weight.