R10-60 Polyester Resin

A FAST GEL Premix Polyester Resin used for wood, kapiz and other lamination with cellophane, lummiror or mylar films. It is also used to make decorative jewels and flowers from ceramic molds,to make small coatings from polyethylene and silicone rubbermolds and to cast on intristic molds such as steel or brass frames.


R10-03 Polyester Resin

A general purpose rigid type polyester resin used in combination with fiberglass reinforcements to make Glass Reinforced Products that are small in size or are not subjected to so much impact or stress such as chairs, covers, helmets, etc.


R10-103 Polyester Resin

A  general purpose,semi flexible polyester resin used primarily with fiberglass reinforcements, to make Glass reinforced plastic products which require some resiliency for greater toughness and impact resistance such as boats,car bodies,tanks,etc. It is also used for fiberglass cladding for strong structural repairs on wood,metal or fiberglass. And when mixed with fillers, it can be used for filling cracks, gaps and fractures.