Polyester Special Blends

Polymer offers two types of blends for the figurine casting industry. The first is the “raw” special blend. This has the correct amount of cobalt and styrene but has no filler, giving the end user the flexibility of mixing their own filler without sacrificing time in blending the polyester resin.

“Raw” Special Blend   Recommended Use
R10-07T   Thicker resin to suspend high filler load.
P10-6003   Solid casting, liquid, Thixotropic.
P10-6007   Customized Non-tacky Resin
CR10-S901   General Purpose – Low Viscosity Resin

The second type is designed with exporters’ needs in mind.  Eliminates costly mixing and spillage! These ready-to-use, pre-mixed polyester blends have the correct amount of filler, resin, cobalt, and styrene. Just open the box, mix contents thoroughly then add MEKP hardener. Pour into molds. Special blends are inter-mixable.


Special Blend   Resin Type
P10-6100   P10-6101 Economy grade.
P10-6101   White, opaque; hollow and semi-solid. General purpose blend.
P10-6104   P10-6105 Economy grade.
P10-6105   Fire-retardant; semi-translucent, “skin” beige. Minimal paint needed for finish. Designed for candle holders, “no- painting figurines.”
P10-6106   P10-6107 Economy grade.
P10-6107   Heavy, economical, beige, opaque. Very popular. Created for figurine “base”.
P10-6201   Lightweight, white, opaque. Easy to clean. Great for hanging decor.
P10-6202   Very high strength, white, opaque. Choose for delicate figurines.