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Tack-Free Solutions

Polyester resin does not fully cure when it is exposed to the air (air-inhibited) and so remains tacky/ sticky. Polymer developed two products to solve this problem.

Wax Solution

Used primarily in fiberglass applications. Added to the LAST layer of resin to form a barrier of wax with the air. Wax sol is an economical alternative to sanding and cellophane- finishing.

Tack Remover

Used in small, 3D applications (figurines, décor, etc.) Items are soaked for 2-3 minutes in tack remover which “eats” the uncured, tacky resin. May be re-used. CAUTION: May cause severe irritation to skin and eyes!

multiglazed polymer products


Two-part, solvent-free, epoxy resin system used to enhance medals, coins, and stickers by creating an attractive “dome” on the surface. Dyes may be added to produce a tough, transparent, stained-glass effect on flat surfaces such as trays.

angel 2 glazed

Pearlescent pigment

Achieves the “pearl-ized” look on products. Mix .5%-1% of the powder into Clear Gloss and Lacquer Flo then paint on the surface. May be mixed directly into the resin to make buttons, figurines, appliques, etc.